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A look into my Mehndi day

This day will go down in history as one of my most favourite and cherished days of my life. The day which I had been planning for months.  A beautiful start to my wedding function – The Mehndi Day.

I started off my day with mehndi followed by Puja and then ended it with the finale dance practice. It was a perfect start to the wedding ceremony as I was surrounded by my loved ones and family. The décor themes were marvellous and had highlights that were worth pinning with staycation ceremonies and intimate celebrations coming into the scene. From bohemian entrances to cosy corners, mirror aisles and chalk board signage’s, it was indeed a great experience. As I am firmly rooted in Gujarat, Garba was inevitably a huge part of the ceremony.

My sister and I had been searching for the ideal mehndi design for almost a week but still hadn’t found one. I decided to incorporate a few traditional elements and the persona of wedding events. It took them 7 long hours to complete my bridal mehndi. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The most exciting yet stressful time of your life. You need a place to rely on for your outfit. After many trials I finally decided to wear a beautiful red outfit. It was handpicked and had the most stunning design i came across. To match my dress, I wore a beautiful contrast green ruby earrings and diamond choker to give it a perfect look.  It was truly mesmerising and a day to remember!

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